Starbucks FrappuccinoI03.05.10

With the recent relaunch of the all-new Starbucks Frappuccino, Blast Radius was asked to create a site that combined the marketing efforts from BBDO and Starbucks In-Store departments. We created a site that allows users to customize a Frappuccino with thousands of combinations while at the same time, leveraging a users Facebook profile to provide imagery to customize the experience further.

Starbucks FrappuccinoI10.02.10

Starbucks came to Blast Radius looking for ways to leverage the multiple flavors of their bottled Frappuccinos and their social media presence on Facebook. Our solution was to combine the use of facebook and our site to introduce coupon incentives for people to share their Frappuccino moments. Users would then use Facebook Connect to submit these moments and share with the community in return for the coupon.

My Starbucks IdeaI01.11.09

Having created an earlier version of My Starbucks Idea, Blast Radius was asked for guidance to help optimize their existing experience. I was tasked to create efficiencies relating to typography, iconography and colour to give the site a fresh and functional direction.

EA Sim Animals AfricaI01.10.09

While at Blast Radius, our team was tasked to pitch and develop a site for the new Sim Animals Africa game. The site was launched in two phases to build excitement. I was responsible for creative concept and all art direction throughout the complete development cycle.

Better Homes & GardensI20.02.07

Meredith Publishing came to Blastradius for a redesign of Better Homes & The following screens are samples from the moodboard and conceptual stages.

Spacing Magazine Think Toronto ContestI01.10.09

Designs and concepts submitted to the Spacing Magazine Think Toronto competition. The TTC Transit signs concept was selected as a finalist and the subway entrances received an honourable mention.

EA Pandemic Lord of the RingsI01.08.08

These are concept mockups for a site created for Electronic Arts and a new Lord of the Rings official site. Project is still under development and will be launching soon. Stay tuned!

EA Sports Madden NFL 2009 - 2010I31.04.10

These are site designs and art direction created for EA Sports Madden NFL 09. I was responsible for the Art Direction of official site and draft day experience. The Draft experience included designs for some limited edition Donruss trading cards.

EA Sports NCAA Football 2008 - 2010I01.03.07 - 01.04.10

These are site designs and art direction created for EA Sports NCAA Football 09. Since NCAA Football 08, I have created a new collegiate art direction for the official sites and any online marketing materials.

EA Medal of Honor AirborneI20.06.06

These are concept mockups for a site created for Electronic Arts and their new Medal of Honor series called Airborne. The concept included an interactive video allowing users to select a drop zone from the game and view specific features relating to the gameplay experience.

EA TiberiumI15.11.07

These are concept mockups for a site created for Electronic Arts and their game Tiberium. The concept behind the interface was to create an interface and experience that was generated by visits and time. As each visitor logged into the site a crystal would generate creating a layer for that day. Over the days content would appear and would be linked to a specific day. Navigating the site would appear to move through time.

Dodge Caliber MinisiteI15.11.05

Small but tough is the tagline for the Dodge Caliber. This minisite was to consist of famous items or people who are small. Small personalities would then create individual spots to convince the general public why they should vote for the famous figure they represent.

Tommy KidsI01.07.05 - 01.03.06

Tommy Kids has gotten into the world of online gaming. I've designed 3 games currently which include Tommy Tennis, Tommy Soccer, and Tommy Memory.

Cadillac ContestI01.06.05

We wanted to create a contest to generate leads for further upcoming vehicle launches and one of our ideas was to send a lucky winner to drive on the Nurburgring in Germany to experience the track themselves. Cadillac tests all their vehicles on this track and this was a chance to have someone live it.

Chevrolet Brand PromotionI 01.03.05

This minisite was created to build brand awareness and for a promotion of giving away a new Cobalt SS Supercharged. It was an interactive book of vehicles much like a brochure. Some of the original ideas were to create an interactive playbook with puzzles, games, and cut-out vehicle models.